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This site is an extension of my regular blog  Here I will detail my journey of making my own Dear Jane Quilt.  This quilt was originally made by Jane Stickle during the Civil War.  Mine will not be an exact replica in fabric, only in color theory (Travel Around the World) and block design.  This will be my first quilt, I have only ever done a 9-square block.  I am looking forward to this challenge and since each square and triangle are different, I won't be bored!  I will house my Virtual Design Wall here. 

What's New?

11/10/08: I finished Dad's Plaids (A7) and started appliqueing the block of Jason's Jacks (D3).  Hopefully this one will get done tonight.  I have finished 6.5 blocks in less than 2 weeks so I feel like I am on a roll.  I even got some of my other sewing done!  Progress is a good thing!
11/7/08: I have completed a total of 5 blocks with #6 right around the corner.  I am having such fun picking fabrics out of my stash for this! 
11/2/08: I have finished 2 blocks this weekend, I am trying to use the easiest to hardest method of choosing which to do next.  I am enjoying this process and it is so much easier on a machine than by hand as I have only done before.


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